When WhatsApp turned 'God' during Kerala Floods

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When WhatsApp turned 'God' during Kerala Floods
When WhatsApp turned 'God' during Kerala Floods

Kerala : Recently there were a lot of reports detailing about the rumours being spread on social media, especially via WhatsApp about the disaster done in Kerala Floods. But, on the other view, WhatsApp turned out to be a god for many who were rescued timely and efficiently because of right available information.

WhatsApp helps in finding accurate information

Hours after Kerala saw massive water running through the streets, people made several groups on the WhatsApp app, giving rescuers help in locating them with right amount of information. Several rescuers joined a number of WhatsApp groups and shared they can be approached for any kind of help during the crisis. People started informing them and this eased out ways for rescuers to save the people.

Help reached at the right spot

With the advantage of share location feature on Whatsapp, the help reached accurately to the spot where it was needed. The benefit of the feature is that it locates the mobile phone to precision with the help of GPS navigation. A group of young people also created a similar app lifehunterz.com to find people in distress.

Stopping rumours

While, reports claimed rumours were being spread through social media. There are many instances where it has been learned that it actually helped in stopping them. For instance, some claimed that Kerala is facing shortage of petrol and diesel, leaving people queuing outside fuel stations. The authorities soon dismissed the report on the social media with pictures and ended worries among the people.

More help on Whatsapp

Now, when the water has started draining off the streets, people are now getting medical help, including quality food, with the help of WhatsApp. It has also been claimed that cleaning staff is getting information about the dirty places and is swiftly taking actions to clear them.

Well, no matter what, there is always a good side of everything and we must see it with eyes open.