With folded hands, PM Modi affirms govt ready to clear all doubts on Farm bill

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Screengrab from PM Modi's video
Screengrab from PM Modi's video

Bhopal : Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Friday reaffirmed farmers that the new farms bill is in their favour and 'with folded hands' reassured that he is ready to discuss all doubts related to it with them. He also mentioned that 'doing away MSP' is the biggest lie ever.

"If anyone has any concerns, then with our heads bowed and our hands folded, with humility, we are willing to discuss with them and assuage their fears," PM Modi said, addressing farmers in Madhya Pradesh via video as part of the government's redoubled efforts to reach out to farmers.

PM Modi also claimed that the reforms in the farm laws are being discussed from decades among several governments and mentioned that the Opposition had been misleading them.

"These laws were not brought in overnight. In past 22 years, every government, state has discussed these in detail. Farmer groups, agricultural experts, economists, scientists and progressive farmers, have called for reforms. Parties opposing these laws today promised these reforms in their manifestos," said the PM.

"These parties are pained today. They are asking themselves how Modi could achieve what they couldn't do in all this time. They are worried Modi will get credit. My reply to them is - you keep the credit. I don't want credit. I only want farmers' lives to improve. Stop misleading farmers."

Emphasizing on the need for reforms, PM Modi said Indian farmers must not lag behind the world in facilities.

"Today I want to expose those who have absolutely no care or genuine concern for you - our anna-daata (farmers). I want to caution all those who are being misled and instigated in the name of these farm laws," the Prime Minister said.

Meanwhile, thousands of farmers have been protesting alongside Delhi borders demanding rollback of the laws.