Statue of Unity: Top 10 interesting facts about World's tallest statue

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Statue of Unity: Top 10 interesting facts about World's tallest statue
Statue of Unity: Top 10 interesting facts about World's tallest statue

New Delhi : Statue of Unity The World's tallest statue in India The Statue of Unity is a monument dedicated to leader Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel located in Gujarat, India. It is located facing the Narmada Dam, 3.2 km (2.0 mi) away on the river island called Sadhu Bet near Rajpipla in Gujarat.

The Statue of Unity along with its surroundings occupies over 20,000 square metres, and is surrounded by a 12 square km artificial lake.It is the world's tallest statue with the height of 182 metres (597 ft).

Here are the 10 facts about the ‘Statue of Unity’:

1. The 182m (600ft) high statue is a tribute to freedom fighter Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel. Mr Patel was known as the "Iron Man of India" and played a significant role in persuading feuding states to unite to become part of the Indian state after independence in 1947.

2. The statue is being built in the western state of Gujarat. It is located at the Sardar Sarovar Dam on the Narmada River. It is approximately 200 km from Ahmedabad, Gujarat’s largest city.

3. At 182m (600ft), it will become the world’s tallest statue on completion beating the Spring Temple Buddha in China which is currently the world's biggest statue at 128 metres.

4. The Statue of Unity will have a viewing gallery at 153 metres, which can accommodate up to 200 visitors at a time, and will offer an expansive view of the dam and environs.

5. The Statue of Unity will be able to withstand wind velocity up to 60 metres a second, vibration and earthquake.

6. A 128 room, 3-star hotel facility with food service, guest amenities, and conference facilities is being built next to the statue which is expected to attract tourists to the region. 

7. India is spending approximately INR 2989 crore to build this statue. 22,500 Mton of cement, 5,700 Mton of structural steel, and 18,500 Mton of reinforcement bars are being used to build it.

8. More than 2,500 workers are working to get the statue ready in time, with several hundred migrant labourers from China also working along with Indian labourers to deliver on time.

9. The government predicts the Statue of Unity will generate approximately 15,000 direct jobs for the local indigenous people every year.

10. The Statue of Unity is nearing completion and will be inaugurated by the Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi on 31st October this year.