Gujarat Election first phase of voting: 10 things to remember before voting

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Gujarat Election first phase of voting: 10 things to remember before voting
Gujarat Election first phase of voting: 10 things to remember before voting

New Delhi : First phase of polling in Gujarat is here and half of the state will cast its vote to decide the fate of political parties for coming five years. Here are 10 things one should check before heading to polling booth.

1: Hours to vote: Polling begins at 7 AM and concludes at 8 PM, the voting beyond 8 PM is also allowed if you are already standing in the queue.

2: Polling booth location: The polling booth is always allotted near your mentioned residence but it is not mandatory that it will be the same as it was in the last elections. It is advised to check carefully the location of polling booth.

3: ID Proof: You must carry an Identity proof with yourself while entering into the polling booth station. Acceptable photo IDs include driver's license; federal or state government-issued ID; passport; or military, employee or student ID. Acceptable non-photo IDs, which must have your name and address on it, include a voter registration card; a gun permit; a state or federal-issued non-photo ID; a current utility bill, bank statement or paycheck; or a government check.

4: Allowed things inside a polling booth: You are allowed to take a voters guide and related election literature right up to the machine and use as reference, if needed, so long as you respect the time of those waiting for you to finish.

5: Who is allowed inside a polling booth: Up to 10 voters at a time and election officials who are overseeing the voting process are permitted in a polling place, along with a constable or deputy constable, if necessary, to keep the peace, and any court-appointed overseer.

6: Voting eligibility: The judge at polling booth has all rights to allow or disallow a voter from casting vote in case of doubts over his identity.

7: Know your ballot: However, ballots have been kept simple for the ease of votings but they can confuse too. It is advised that you consult the voting official to combat any hassle in the voting process.

8: Selfies: In 21st generation, people want to capture almost everything in a selfie. Clicking pictures inside a polling booth is however banned to ensure safety and security.

9: About those pollwatchers: They are permitted in a polling place to observe the voting process and register with the judge of elections a challenge of a voter's eligibility if they suspect the voter is not who they say they are or doesn't reside in the precinct.

10: Know your rights: You have all rights to report faulty EVM machines. But, you are not allowed to create a ruckus.