An all-women national political party makes a cut in India

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An all-women national political party makes a cut in India
An all-women national political party makes a cut in India

New Delhi : Feeling excluded by the male-dominated political parties, Dr Swetha Shetty, 36, will spearhead ‘NATIONAL WOMEN’S PARTY’ - the first-ever National level Indian political party dedicated to women, was unveiled on 18th Dec, 2018, Tuesday in New Delhi, the hotspot of Indian political system. 

Heading the newly formed NATIONAL WOMEN’S PARTY (NWP) is 36 years old qualified doctor, veteran social activist & feminist Dr. Swetha Shetty, who declared that this was a “historic” step in a mission to “guarantee equal representation in the Indian Parliament".

With the coordination and help of the media the National Women’s Party is projecting the importance of Women’s participation in political field in entire India. Now the National Women’s Party will be organising a Press Conference at Press Club of India on 9th March to press the demands for more representation of Women in Parliament and Assemblies across India.

She said that her party’s goal was to represent “Women” particularly the underprivileged who “have suffered at the hands of system. Those who have run from office to office in expectation of some help to make their lives better and got nothing” and those who suffered from domestic abuse or are struggling against the social establishment. The party will be formulated with the vision to work towards creating an environment free of gender biases where women stand equal rights at administration level be it community, society or at workplace.

NWP has the support from more than 15 Lakh women members of all states across India. Womenfolk who are citizens of India are the members of national women’s party as it has been spearheading the movement to safeguard interests of women exclusively.