BJP's mind-set revealed via Vinay Katiyar, slams Priyanka Gandhi

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Priyanka Gandhi slams BJP via Vinay Katiyar
Priyanka Gandhi slams BJP via Vinay Katiyar

New Delhi : Reacting sharply to Vinay Katiyar's derogatory remarks, Priyanka Gandhi slammed Bharatiya Janata Party, claiming this shows saffron party's mind-set towards better-half of the population.

"Vinay Katiyar has exposed BJP's mind-set towards better half of the country," said Priyanka Gandhi Vadra's Office.

Vinay Katiyar had said that there are many other pretty faces in the party who could have been the star campaigner for upcoming assembly polls.

"What star campaigner? No, I don't think that's a factor. There are so many other more beautiful female campaigners. There are heroines. So many others more beautiful," Katiyar had said in an interview.