PM Modi attacks Congress, opposition leaders stage walk out from Rajya Sabha

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Congress members walked out from the Rajya Sabha after Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Wednesday slammed opposition party for their work in past days.

PM Modi was speaking about his predecessor Manmohan Singh when leaders from Congress party staged a walk out.

Responding to the walk out, Prime Minister Narendra Modi said if they breach decorum, they should have courage to listen to the response too.

New Delhi : Here are key highlights from PM Modi's response in Rajya Sabha

# Fight against blackmoney has nothing to do with politics or targeted against any party.

# Post demonetisation, over 700 maoists surrendered within 30-40 days.

# Going tough against those who are cheating will automatically empower the poor.

# In so many scams, ex-PM Manmohan Singh has never been named.

# Attack on political parties, govt is justified but dragging RBI and governor under politics in not good.

# Demonetisation in India will soon be a case study for the world.