Sikander Behl wins General Secretary Elections for the Delhi State

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Image: Sikander Behl
Image: Sikander Behl

New Delhi : With the results of the Youth Congress Election 2021 being announced, candidate Sikander Behl, holding Ballot No. 45, bagged the General Secretary title for Delhi Pradesh Youth Congress. He emerged victorious with the highest number of votes, i.e, 26847 votes yet among 66 candidates.

A lawyer by background and social activist by choice, Sikander is a rising star reformer and one of the brightest candidates of the Youth Congress Party.

Sikander, a man of few words but a firm believer of hard work & big impact is thankful to the people who believed in him for their support as well as for providing him an opportunity to serve them. He summarized his win with- “I am deeply humbled by the support of people who have believed in me and aspire to utilize every opportunity for the upliftment and redressal of the youth in my  constituency.”

In 2021, Sikander has previously been seen honing the role of a political activist with the youth wing of the Indian National Congress. Representing a large section of the youth in the National Capital Territory, he has played a key role in reforming a lot of aspects under the Delhi Pradesh constituency. At present, Sikander is running multiple initiatives to provide relief and rehabilitation to those affected by the gruesome pandemic- Covid19. He has been working tirelessly round the clock to arrange hospital beds, oxygen, critical medicines, and vaccines for patients. He believes that the collective victory of the nation will be when everyone is safe and healthy. 

Sikander’s belief in “Every hand for progress” and vision of making the youth of Delhi aware and empowered, makes him a perfect fit for the role of a leader as well as a change-maker for the youth of the nation. It will be an absolute delight to see a person with a strong stance, positive beliefs, and idealogy for progress such as Sikander take the seat and create a far-reaching impact in Delhi Pradesh.