German firm unveils indoor air quality solutions in India

Bengaluru : Leading German filtration solutions provider Mann+Hummel on Saturday unveiled indoor air quality products here for the Indian market.

"The solutions 'Our Air' will enable builders, facility managers and tenants to improve and manage the air quality in their commercial buildings," said the company in a statement here.

The solutions are based on smart devices, where air quality monitors, filters, purification and ventilation systems integrate with the company's product on a digital platform.

"Access to clean air is vital for human health and well-being. Unfortunately, air pollution in India continues to pose a serious challenge. Of the 20 cities the world over where particulate pollution is at the highest level, 14 are in India," noted the company's Indian arm Managing Director Pradeep Randhawa in the statement.

Admitting that eliminating outdoor air pollution was a challenge, Randhawa said the company's solutions ensured the indoor air quality remained good and fresh.

"There is increasing public awareness and growing demand for air pollution-free offices and homes across the country, thanks to new regulations and building standards, which support the adoption of clear air solutions," asserted the executive.

Sensor-based and performance-driven building standard and certification programme Reset has also accredited the company's air quality monitors and digital platform.

"As many factors affect indoor air quality in buildings and offices, we provide solutions for real-time air quality monitoring and digital platform to analyze, predict and manage the optimization end-to-end, the company's Vice-President Jason Tang said.

Headquartered at Ludwigsburg in Germany, the $4.6-billion Mann+Hummel group makes a range of filtration products, including air cleaner systems, liquid filter systems, plastic components and industrial and membrane filters. It is present in 80 countries worldwide and employs 20,000 people.