Iran rejects talks with US over 'erratic policies'

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Tehran : Iran has again ruled out any negotiation with the US, accusing it of pursuing "erratic policies" in dealing with the Islamic republic.

"The Americans have never acted with sincerity, and President Donald Trump's move and remarks to invite Iran for talks were merely a propaganda stunt," the state TV quoted Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif as saying on Wednesday after the cabinet meeting, Xinhua reported.

"The main reason behind this is that Trump does not care about either the Iranian people or international obligations," he added.

The US president has taken a hostile approach toward the Iranian nation by reimposing sanctions, Zarif noted.

"We had two years of intensive negotiations with the Americans and the Iran nuclear agreement was the result of these talks, but the Trump administration withdrew from it," he said

"How can the United States be trusted?" the Iranian minister warned.

Last month, Trump announced his readiness for an "unconditional" meeting with Iranian President Hassan Rouhani over the existing issues between the two countries.

However, Trump on Monday signed an executive order re-imposing sanctions on Iran to exert "maximum economic pressure" on the Islamic republic.