Masi Oka excited about 'The Meg'

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New Delhi : Japanese actor Masi Oka says working with director Jon Turteltaub on "The Meg" was an amazing experience.

The Warner Bros Pictures' project will tell the story of how actor Jason Statham's character and a group of people fight against a giant prehistoric shark called a Megalodon for survival. It is slated to release in India on Friday.

"It was amazing to work on the film. Working with Jon Turteltaub was spectacular. He made an amazing collaborative environment. We were like a family and it was a fun time for all of us," Oka told IANS.

How was the process of working on the film?

"The process is a lot of imagination. When you are working with a shark which doesn't exist, it doesn't give you anything...We have to imagine a shark trying to bite us or trying to attack us...

"That is the fun thing about it. We all are on the same set and we all have to imagine our own Megalodon. So, I might have a more friendly Megalodon and the other person might have a Megalodon with an eye patch or something."