Morocco re-introduces compulsory military service

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Rabat, Aug 22 (IANS/MAP) The Moroccan cabinet, chaired by King Mohammed VI, has approved a bill for compulsory military service for 12 months for young people aged between 19 and 25.

"The purpose of applying military service is to inculcate the spirit of patriotism in young people as part of a correlation between the rights and duties of citizenship," spokesperson of the Royal Palace, Abdelhak Lamrini, was quoted as saying in a statement by MAP news agency.

Military service "also opens the way to their integration into professional and social life, especially for those who demonstrate skills and a sense of citizenship and discipline, particularly in terms of integration into the various military and security forces", he said.

The north African nation had introduced 18 months compulsory military service in June 1966 for all male citizens, which was abolished by the King in 2007.

The council also approved the draft framework law on education, aimed at reform of the national education system.

The main points include establishment of a new school open to all and compulsory education for all children till the age of 16, instead of the earlier 15 years, and to arrest school dropouts who then often fall prey to radicalisation.