Opposition indulging in vote bank politics over NRC: Shah

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New Delhi : The BJP on Tuesday said the National Register of Citizens (NRC), whose draft was released in Assam on Monday, is a matter of national security for the party and accused the opposition of indulging in vote bank politics.

Bharatiya Janata Party president Amit Shah said the security of the country and its people is the top most priority and dared other parties to clear their stand on Bangladeshi infiltrators.

Addressing a press conference, BJP chief Amit Shah said: "For BJP the matter of NRC is an issue of national security. Our top priority is to safeguard our borders."

He also said that no Indian has been left out of the list. "Those who were not able to prove their citizenship have been left out of the first list," he said.

Reminding the Congress that the NRC was their idea, he said, "The Assam Accord was signed by then Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi on August 14, 1984. I want to ask the Congress: how can you raise questions about the NRC today?" Shah questioned.

Attacking the opposition parties for creating confusion over the first list of the NRC, Shah said, "Congress, Trinamool Congress and other parties who are speaking against NRC Assam should clear their stand on Bangladeshi infiltrators."

The BJP leader, who is also a Rajya Sabha MP, said the entire process of the NRC was done under the supervision of the Supreme Court and the most transparent process was used to prepare the list.

Slamming the Congress, for not completing the NRC, Shah said, "You didn't have the guts to prepare the list and send back the infiltrators."

"For vote bank politics, how can you question the NRC procedures?" he asked.

He also said that the Congress is known for changing its stand on political issues. "We ask Congress to clear their stand and not indulge in vote bank politics," Shah said.

He said that no country can function if it keeps on allowing infiltrators. "BJP will implement the NRC Assam under the supervision of Supreme Court," he said.

Clarifying that 40 lakh people whose names were not there in the draft NRC were suspected foreigners, he said: "They will have the opportunity to prove their citizenship."

Shah said that the opposition parties are talking about human rights violations of foreigners. "Don't they care about the human rights of the citizens of the country? Isn't it the violation of human rights for the people of Assam, isn't it a violation of national security?" he asked.

"NRC has been brought to protect human rights of all citizens," he said.

Slamming the opposition parties for doing vote bank politics, Shah said, "Vote bank politics should not be placed above national interest. We have never practised vote bank politics. We have always demanded removal of illegal immigrants."

He also accused the opposition parties of trying to portray the BJP as a party trying to divide the country. "But I would like to remind them that Assam Accord was signed by Rajiv Gandhi," he said.

Criticising the TMC Chief and West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee, the BJP Chief said: "This is a sensitive issue. Mamata Banerjee is raking it up for vote bank politics."