Rafale deal: Not scared of legal notices, says Congress

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New Delhi : Congress on Tuesday said Prime Minister Narendra Modi was scared as Rafale deal was a "monumental scam" of his government and noted that it was not scared of legal notices being sent out by his "crony friends", when it came to the issue of corruption and was even ready to go to jail.

Congress spokesperson Shaktisinh Gohil while talking to mediapersons said: "I received a notice (from ADAG). I had sent a preliminary reply to them pertaining to the notice. whatever we speak, we say it on the basis of facts."

"We do it as a responsible political party. When something is said on the basis of facts, it never so happened that an industrialist had sent a notice to a political party. But, since Rafale is a monumental scam of Modiji, this is the grandmother of all scams, so they are very scared," he added.

Gohil also said: "So, in haste, they are sending us legal notices through his friends. We have put everything in public domain based on facts."

"We have put in public domain what has already been discussed in Parliament in presence of the Defence Minister (Nirmala Sitharaman)," said the congress leader.

ADAG Chairman Anil Ambani has written to Congress President Rahul Gandhi saying that the party has been "misinformed, misdirected and misled" by malicious vested interests and corporate rivals on the offsets related to the Rafale fighter jet deal.

Gohil further said: "We are not going to get scared by such legal notices when we are fighting against corruption in public interest. Modiji can keep sending such legal notices in order to frighten us. He can enjoy doing it. But, nobody is going to get scared."

"In our fight against corruption, there is law, courts..and if in this fight we have to go to jail, we are not worried about it," he added.

Gohil further explained that the notice was sent by ADAG's legal firm. "It was sent on the behest of Anil Ambani. I have replied to the notice. They had framed three issues. I have documents on all the three issues. These are all available in public domain. I have all the evidence."

"The notice stated they incurred a loss of Rs 5000 crore because of my statement. Modiji can incur such a big loss," he said scarcastically.

"In the second notice, it stated that I should not say something for which I could be dragged into civil or criminal matter," he said.

Gohil also said: "I want to assure all the industrialists that those who do honest business, we are with them. But wherever, there will be loot of the country through dishonest means, we will definitely raise our voice with all the facts.

"Modiji is scared because of corruption. If he tries to scare us, then our Congress President Rahul Gandhi has given a message to the country "Daro Mat". We are not going to get sacred," he added.