Tips to choose budget-friendly Rakhi gift

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New Delhi : With about a week left for Rakhi, you must be brain-storming to find the ideal gift for your sibling. While there are many gifting options available now, coming up with a stellar gift idea every year is not an easy task, especially if you are running low on funds but not anymore.

Myna Batavia, founder, Green Carpet, shares a few tips that will help you choose budget-friendly gift this Rakhi:

* Potted houseplants: Houseplants make a great Rakhi gift as they show how much thought you have put in while choosing them. Also, houseplants have a magical way to brighten up homes and workspaces. Apart from decorative purposes, houseplants offer a number of benefits like improving the air quality and bringing down the stress level. From aloe vera to lavender, your choices are plenty. Make sure to choose a good quality pot and tie a ribbon around it before handing it to your sibling.

* Customised coffee mugs: Coffee mugs never go out of fashion as a Rakhi gift. Make your sibling feel special with a customised coffee mug this year. You can either go for coffee mugs with quotes that aptly describe your sibling or the ones with their zodiac signs.

* Funky journals: Regardless of whether your sibling is an aspiring writer or not, you can always gift them a journal. You can pick a memory journal if your sibling likes to pen down her thoughts on paper. For wanderers, a travel journal is a better-suited option. With just a little effort, you will find journals with quirky designs, bold colours and pattern.

Sulagna Kapoor, co-founder,, has also suggested some tips:

* Bags: From clutches to handbags, bags have always been a must-have possession for fashionistas. Instead of gifting synthetic bags, gift your sister an elegant, silk tote bag that is both useful and beautiful at the same time. Baguette and satchel bags are also currently taking the fashion world by storm. Make sure to do your research first before picking a bag for your sister. If she is a working woman, gift her bag that is large enough to hold all her essentials.

* Scarves: Scarves are a timeless wardrobe accessory as they can transform even the most boring outfit into an eye-catching one. Since the floral trend is still going strong, you can play safe by gifting a floral printed scarf. If your sister has a bold sense of fashion, pick a scarf with an animal print. Headscarves are also a great choice since they are in vogue right now.

* Junk jewellery: Junk jewellery can be a great pick for Rakhi. Junk jewellery can be paired with both western and ethnic outfits. You can pick neckpieces, rings, anklets, and bracelets in different sizes and designs. If your sister has a flair for fashion, she will definitely cherish the gift.