Vijay Deverakonda in awe of Chiranjeevi

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Mumbai : Telugu actor Vijay Deverakonda says superstar Chiranjeevi gave him some really good advice for his career.

For the celebration of the success of his "Geetha Govindam", Vijay invited Chiranjeevi to be the chief guest. And Vijay just can't stop raving about the star since then.

"He not only graciously agreed to be our chief guest, but he cancelled the shooting of his film 'Sye Raa' for our event. If I was a big fan of his earlier I am an even bigger fan now. He spoke to me like a father on things that propelled him, on habits and routines that supported him. Things I should be aware of at my age," Vijay said.

Vijay says inviting Chiranjeevi was not difficult.

"We went to invite him. He sat us down and first gave me a scene to scene narrative of my film 'Geetha Govindam'. Every moment he loved, every expression, dialogue. It was pure joy just watching him narrate and laugh while he did so. He had seen the film so minutely. I was bowled over."

He got some sound advice from Chiranjeevi.

"He gave me some really good advice. Chiru sir told me ‘All privileged to be a star-son have the comfort of a market, of a fan base. But when someone comes from working class and makes it, the audience makes him their own, they own him. That's what happened with me in my time, and that is what I see happening with you. So take care of that. This I feel is the greatest privilege you can earn'.

"Chiru sir's words are now engraved in gold on my heart. He came from nowhere when there was a set of long-established stars and became as he is called a megastar. So, I think whenever he sees someone else making that journey, breaking through, he has a soft corner."

Vijay wants to catch up on all Chiranjeevi's blockbusters.

"I want to watch his film on the big screen. No one wants to see anyone else on screen when he is there. People go to just watch him."