Aditri: A life-style ecommerce brand for the contemporary Indian woman

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Aditri: A life-style ecommerce brand for the contemporary Indian woman
Aditri: A life-style ecommerce brand for the contemporary Indian woman

New Delhi : Aditri as a brand celebrates the modern Indian woman: the woman who personifies tradition and modernity in the same breath. She values & takes pride in her traditions, and at the same time, wants to be seen in sync with today’s times. She is not a fashion victim and yet wants to stand out. Indian traditions including arts and crafts were a part of her everyday life, her dreams, stories & fantasies she grew up with. Even today, these childhood symbols form a part of HER prized possessions, her collectibles, and her inheritance. While she treasures the memories, she also wants to use these mementos today. But she is apprehensive of these products being too unwieldy, out of fashion or being perceived as outdated / out of sync with today’s modern lifestyle.


Aditri seeks to bring traditional arts and crafts with their definitions and renditions redefined catering to the evolving tastes of the new age Indian women, including the young generation. Aditri’s endeavor is to empower the craftsmen, the artists and the creators of arts to showcase their talents and bring them alive in a modern avatar.

Aditri also focuses on handmade art and crafts for today’s young generation who have just begun their journey to create their own identity. These crafts are beyond all geographical boundaries with a twist. The idea is to help who seek to try something different, something unique and more pocket friendly, something which they can flaunt effortlessly.  In simple words “effortless fashion”. We will hand hold them to this world of styling and help them assimilate simple things to create cherished memories to carry forward.

Provide an opportunity to our consumers, to co-create, learn and appreciate, share their thoughts. We seek to make our consumers feel involved, feel good about possessing a cherished collectible.

We believe in personal touch; each creation is handmade, sourced from artisans across states in India. We curate unique collections that resonate with our philosophy of keeping ‘real things in life alive.

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