B21 Salon main stop to enhance the beauty of your tresses

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B21 Salon main stop to enhance the beauty of your tresses
B21 Salon main stop to enhance the beauty of your tresses

New Delhi : Haircare is an important practice for everyone. Some people try different home remedies to keep their hair healthy and strong. But many only want to take professional. A lot of treatments are available to enhance those tresses at various salons. But every person has that one trust salon they only go to. One such place which has people raving about its services is B21 Salon.

Satish Kumar Patra founded the B21 Salon in 2014. From having 50 to now more than 5000 loyal customers, the salon has shown impressive growth over the years. B21 always leaves their customers with a bright smile on their face, whether it is a hair colouring, hair spa, hair cut or any hair treatment.

The staff at B21 Salon is super friendly and helpful. If someone is confused or seeking a treatment that doesn't really suit their hair type, the staff guides them. As a common person, we may not understand our hair entirely. But a professional and well-informed staff at B21 knows what can enhance the beauty of curly, wavy, straight, dry or frizzy hair. Besides providing haircare treatment, B21 Salon is also known for its amazing tattoo service, makeup and skincare treatments, piercing, and more. 

When Satish Kumar Patra started the salon, he wouldn't have imagined his business will thrive to such a great extent in no time. But he always wanted to expand it, have a diverse and creative staff and help people love themselves again. Well, his hard work is indeed paying off, especially when it won two prestigious awards. In 2018, Bipasha Basu honoured Satish's B21 Salon with the Best Unisex Salon award. In 2019, at the Times Business Award, Satish's salon received the Best Salon award from the hands of Kunal Kapoor. All of this gives Satish the confidence to start more branches in the coming years.