Brighten up your interiors with pastels

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New Delhi : Pastel colours exhibit the characteristics of art pastels and hence the name. These shades reflect a lot of light, so using them could brighten up a space.

Abraham Santosh, Head Designer at Elegancia and Aparajita Ghosh, Design Director at Vaya Home share some tips on how to use use pastel colours inside a house to have a subtle impact.

* To create chic and mid-century modern spaces, one of the strongest style trends that are coming up are the pastels. The emergence of the dark hues on the interior wall adds to the need for lighter, softer tones for the upholstery fabrics.

* Bold patterns and prints with heavy details can be understated when pastel colours are incorporated into them. For example, a carpet has a bold and heavy pattern on it but if the colours exhibited are pale, the carpet would still look washed out or faded.

* Dusky pinks featured against charcoal, beige or dark blue walls help create a 1950's look.

* Pastel coloured walls can be soothing to the eyes and generally give off a fruity vibe. For example, a pastel green wall can be cool and fresh like mint ice-cream, while a pastel yellow will give you a tropical pina colada like feel.

* These colours have playful energies and can be incorporated as accent elements in kids' rooms. In a grey or white setting, pastel colours become cool, breezy and tranquil.

* When used for kitchen cabinetry, pastel colours have a vintage appeal. When the theme of the kitchen is to mimic the seventies, the colours can help turn the space hip and groovy.

* Pastel colours tend to carry a certain class on upholstered furniture. They bring about luxury to a couch or a sofa. These colours make upholstered furniture comfy, cosy and inviting.