Fashion trend: Team your sunglasses, sneakers right

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Image Courtesy: Lookbook
Image Courtesy: Lookbook

New Delhi : The right kind of sunglasses and sneakers can change an individual's entire look. Retro narrow frames with white sneakers and slip-on shoes with metal frames are among the combinations that are trending and are here to stay, suggest experts.

Ankita Bajaj Shankar, spokesperson at Vans India and Ishaan Kataria, Director at Gem Opticians, have listed few combinations:

* White sneakers are being sported by a lot of celebrities lately. These are extremely versatile and are available in a variety of shapes and form. It provides a fresh sportier look. 

Retro narrow frames: This trend has a laidback and playful vibe to it which makes it a perfect pair of sunglasses to add to your collection. Another contrasting trend that has made a comeback is the oversized frames with a touch of gold or silver. Give this trend a go if you're bored of the classics.

* Slip-ons: They are easy, quick and very efficient when it comes to wearability. They are comfortable and available in a variety of textures and patterns. They range from espadrille flats to boat shoes to skater sneakers. Checkered slip-ons are beautiful and have been the rage among both men and women. They are also super comfortable.

Metal frame wired glasses: The all-metal combination is the newest trend as opposed to the pure acetate look. Its fragility makes it ideal for a formal/indoor setting. For men who don't like the idea of wearing bulky sunglasses, its minimalist features are something that will work without losing the drama.

* High top sneakers: These have been around since forever and are a fashion favourite. You could even tuck in your pair of jeans inside your high-tops to show them off. They also look super cool with a skater dress. They can be mischievously paired with quirky socks for an interesting ensemble.

Reflective sunglasses: The classic reflective sunglasses in rose gold, gold and silver are here to stay and rule. They can be dressed up and dressed down and can chameleon themselves in any occasion. These shades are just so different and versatile that it makes it a worthy trend to invest in.