Get tri-coloured make-up look for Independence Day

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Looks for independence day
Looks for independence day

New Delhi : Match your eye-makeup with the mood of your social program on or around Independence Day on August 15. Use the tricolor of the national flag to add drama to your look. Experts have suggested different looks:

Aakriti Kochar, beauty and make-up expert at Oriflame India and Bharti Taneja, beauty expert and Director at Alps Beauty Clinic, have shared inputs:

* Take a rich green colored eye pencil and apply it generously on the waterline so that you have enough for smudging it outside your eyes as well. Use a pencil brush to smudge the green eyeliner on the lower rim to create a smokey effect. 

Settle it with a matte dark green eyeshadow. This will give a more smokey effect to the smudging. 

Apply an orange eyeshadow on the eyelid along the socket of your eyes, use a fluffy brush to make it softly blended. In the end, use a bright white or pearl eyeshadow in the frosty finish and apply in on the inner corner of the eyes. 

This will brighten up the eyes. Outline your eyes with a thin eyeliner and curl your lashes to mascara it well to open up the eyes further more. Always fill in the brows for a finished look.

* Experiment with eye liners. A tricolor eye liner will look far more happening. Give a twist with winged colored liners.

Pick them in shades of orange, white, green and blue to start sketching interesting blend around the eyes. Start with orange eyeliner on the inner half of the top eyelid and use dark green to extend the same eyeliner in the continuation and flick it out. 

Fill in the waterline with white eyeliner to brighten the eyes and use your blue eyeliner right outside the white eyeliner on the lower rim of the eyes. 

Curl your lashes and mascara well to open up the eyes for a bigger effect. 

* Try a colorful mascara as it will not only give you the desired look but also add a dose of drama.

* To try something extremely different from the crowd, let your eyes speak with painting. There are a number of beauty clinics where you can visit to decorate your eyes with beautiful paintings like of a freedom fighters, politicians, flags and chakras.