How to incorporate art, fashion in your daily wear

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New Delhi : Art and fashion have always been tied together, and one takes inspiration from the other in an endless creative cycle. Here's how you can make the best of it.

Designer Priyanka Modi of the brand AM:PM lists down some ways to include both in your day-to-day wear:

* Introduce clothes in your wardrobe that have applied a multitude of heritage techniques such as the mukaish, zardozi and shibori. Due to their painstaking intricacy, they can very well be considered as art forms themselves.

* Take fashion from the fifties for instance. An exquisite haute couture dress from the 1950s can look as immaculate as a beautiful painting or sculpture. Fashion in a rural village will always be different than what people would wear in a large metropolis. Regardless of who we are or where we live, our fashion choices constitute an expression that comes from within us.

* Adapt tribal art form in your clothes.

* Incorporate clothes in your wardrobe that are inspired from nature.

* Sounak Sen Barat, Owner and Designer at House of Three, also has some ideas.

* Fashion is a holistic reflection of life around you. For instance, post World War, when recession hit and women in Europe stepped out to work alongside men, their wardrobe needs changed. Fashion reflected that.

* Fashion quite naturally draws heavily from the arts. But at the same time fashion has to serve a few other more important purposes. It has to fit someone else, appeal to his/her personal taste, and fit his/her budget.

* Fashion isn't a medium of self-expression alone. One needs empathy to be able to translate an objective brief into a tangible form of a garment that doesn't just fit and feel fabulous but appeals well to the wearer's senses and sensibility, while sticking true to the aesthetic values your brand exudes and stands for.