Stefanie Gurzanski shares top fitness tips for upcoming models

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Stefanie Gurzanski shares top fitness tips for upcoming models (Image: Bureau)
Stefanie Gurzanski shares top fitness tips for upcoming models (Image: Bureau)

New Delhi : Stefanie Gurzanski is hardworking, dedicated and an individual who aims to inspire women around the world, something that is visible with her Instagram Influencing. With more than 1.8 million followers, Stefanie has been consistent in her efforts to establishing a firm ground for fitness. 

An inspiration for many, She is committed to doing her best.Kicking off her journey at 17, Stefanie strutted along into modelling and has established a firm base for herself, paving her way, following her dreams and passions, She has set up a firm foundation in the modelling industry and is one of the most loved and commended Models in the Country. Brought up in Canada, The 26-year-old is striving for more, to become bigger and better.

Here are a few tips for all the aspiring models by Stefanie- 

Developing- She puts a lot of emphasis on why one should develop their skills and brush them up to perfection. “Being confident and being yourself” is the mantra she wants you to swear by to live your life. 

Practising- Practise makes you perfect, and she wants you to remember it. When in modelling, a good pose and posture becomes necessary, having the right skills is essential for becoming a model. It gives you the right confidence to face the camera without any hesitation, with absolute comfort in your skin. 

Never let rejection get to you- You should learn to embrace rejection and gracefully, never let your self worth be affected by anyone's objection or approval of you. It is essential to know your worth. It's okay if someone says a "no", rejections are part of the success process. Stand by yourself and your values and make sure that you work on yourself to improve and be better than before.

Always be in your best shape- You must always look presentable and good. Make sure that you look the best version of yourself. Take proper care of your skin, hair, body, and pay good heed to your health. Everyone loves the aesthetics, and modelling swears by it. If you look good, you will feel good, and bring out the best version of you, having all the confidence in you. It will benefit you both professionally as well as personally. 

Stay dedicated to your work- When you love something with all of your passion, you give your best to it. Make sure you fuel yourself with the right thoughts and keep yourself motivated with all your work. Give in your best and put your best foot forward and stay dedicated to your work. 

Staying dedicated to yourself and your modelling-When it comes to modelling, your body is your temple, and so you need to ensure that you provide proper heed to it. Modelling is all about your body, and flaunting yourself in the best manner is your duty to fulfil. You should be committed to your physical appearance and stay consistent in putting your best in the gyms and follow a good and healthy diet with good nutrition. 

Stefanie Gurzanski had started her career with the Playmate brand, and she pushed herself forward and motivated to achieve greater goals and has now successfully worked with top-notch brands such as Elle, Cosmopolitan, Vogue etc. Everyone has been in complete awe of how she has turned her life around and built it for herself.