Tips to pick right lingerie for Holi

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Tips to pick right lingerie for Holi
Tips to pick right lingerie for Holi

New Delhi : Want to be carefree on Holi? Choose the right lingerie, says an expert.

Rosmin Kunnathottathil, Co-Founder of, shares some tips on how to pick the right lingerie for Holi so that you can enjoy the festival of colours without worrying about anything. 

* Old is gold: Remember that whatever you wear, will get colour stains on it to say the least. So for the Holi festival, go for lingerie that is worn out. 

* Say no to bright colours: Avoid wearing bright coloured briefs on Holi and stick to dark colours. You don't want to be caught with your coloured brief showing through separately after you are all black and blue with colour.

* Go for cotton fabric: Cotton will be the best choice for Holi, the fabric will be lightweight and a good absorber of liquid. Moreover, it will provide the best comfort and avoid irritation.

* Full cover nude bra: Skin coloured lingerie offers the best cover no matter how wet you get. No matter what colour clothes you wear, nude is your safest bet. And we recommend a full cover, padded and under-wired bra for the best support and to avoid any spillage. Padding also provides better nipple cover than non-padded.