Vishal Prajapati reflects on his journey as an fashion influencer, credits success to audience

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Vishal Prajapati’s journey
Vishal Prajapati’s journey

New Delhi : The chances of making it big as an entrepreneur is dependent on a series of factors. Vishal Prajapati’s journey starting from 2015 up until now is stellar example of what dedication and instincts can lead to. Vishal is a leading voice in fashion influencer industry with over 700k followers on Instagram. He is expanding his social media presence with campaigns and collaborations, most recently with Mobile Premiere League. His journey as an influencer is a story of chances, and acceptance by audience. Reflecting on his ride as a social media influencer, Vishal notes that he was not even aware of the concept up until 2015 when he joined Facebook.

Vishal’s unique clothing style and grooming was well received by audiences on Facebook and that pushed him to join Instagram in 2017. Owing his success to his followers, Vishal adds, “I was completely unaware of what trends are, or what sells per se. I started with posting my photo shoots when I was in Surat and people liked it. It was that simple for me. I was not completely sure of what it might turn into in the future but gut said that I should keep on this path and it has led me here. People liked the way I dresses and my grooming, I guess and that resonated with the young style which we are looking for. My first priority is comfort and ease as do most people when they have long office hours or stay out of their homes. The different styles are a part of expanding our understanding of fashion. It is for anyone and everyone and my journey says just that.”

Keeping his connection with his roots intact, Vishal believes that the most crucial aspect of influencers’ stride today is that they should always maintain their initial audience base, those who have made their success possible. His brand, Label by VP hosts a lineup of fifteen exclusive styles, available on their official website.