Did he eat $120K banana at an exhibition? Here is the truth

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$120K banana eaten at an exhibition? here is the truth
$120K banana eaten at an exhibition? here is the truth

New Delhi : A lot of media reports have been claiming that a hungry man ate $120K worth banana taped at an exhibition. Some even have video proof to the claims being made in the report, but is it true or in reality, there is a different story? we will find it out later in the story.

What exactly happened?

The banana, which is a masterpiece of food art by Italian artist Maurizio Cattelan, was sold to a French collector for a whopping cost of $120K. In a video posted on Instagram, David Datuna, who calls himself a Georgian-born American artist living in New York, walks up to the banana pasted on the wall, pulls it out and starts eating it.

"Art performance... hungry artist," he said as he peeled and ate the banana. Some of the passersby said brilliant as they can be seen giggling. Soon, the staff takes him to the side for questioning.

While the exhibition spot garnered a lot of attention due to the act. Everything ended on a happy note.

The Truth

"No, he did not destroy the masterpiece of food art," Lucien Terras, director of museum relations for Galerie Perrotin, told the Miami Herald.

As it was confirmed that the actual banana is in the safe hands, the newspaper reported that the actual banana was meant to be replaced under a planned course of action.

The officials had replaced the actual artwork with a regular banana 15-minutes before the actual shoot of the video.

"This has brought a lot of tension and attention to the booth and we're not into spectacles," Terras said. "But the response has been great. It brings a smile to a lot of people's faces." Gallery director Peggy Leboeuf said that no legal action was planned against Datuna.

"He was not arrested, but we asked him to leave the booth and to leave the fair," she said.

"We have his contact and everything, so we can go further, but I don't think we will." Cattelan is perhaps best known for his 18-carat, fully functioning gold toilet called "America" that he had once offered on loan to US President Donald Trump.