Arbab Mumbai's lebanese food will take you straight to a cafe in Beirut

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Image: Arbab
Image: Arbab
Lebanese Cuisine is many people's preference. No matter what day it is, a hot plate of Shawarma or hummus and pita bread always does the magic! In a vast city like Mumbai, many places serve Lebanese food. But not all are known for their authenticity, like Arbab Mumbai in Bandra.

Founded by Faiz and Fahad Kadawalla, Arbab is known for his vast real flavours that seem to be brought down straight from Beirut's streets. As the chefs there often say, 'A person should feel like they are sitting at a cafe in Beirut and enjoy their delicacies. The outdoor restaurant with beautiful lights gives a friendly and homely feel to people who visit the restaurant.

It has been 2 years since Arbab launched in Mumbai. But the response has been amazing. Even during the pandemic, they had many takeaway orders as people found comfort in their mouthwatering dishes. Now, Fahad Kadawalla has shared good news for all the Arbab lovers. By the end of 2021, they will launch 2 new outlets of their eateries. Yes, you read it right!

Fahad Kadawalla has expressed his gratitude towards people who showed their love and trust in the food and staff in Arbab. Soon, they will reveal the details about where they will start two new outlets. It is indeed happy news for all the foodies who reside in places other than Bandra.

Now coming to what makes Arbab special, the hotel staff imports the ingredients traditionally used in Lebanese dishes. As not all of them are available here, the Chefs don't settle for the substitute. Now that the lockdown restrictions are imposed in Mumbai again, people can still order their freshly cooked, edible and tasty dishes.

If you are wondering what their best dishes are, well, it's all of them. But the super hits at Arbab are Fattouch, Hummus, Shamandar Chef Signature, Moutabbal, Batat Helweh, Arbab Special Batata Harra, Baba Ganouj, Falafel platter, Robian and many other dishes.