Celebrity Chef Akshat Parihar soon to launch his first gastronomical fine-dine venture in Mumbai, India

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Celebrity Chef Akshat Parihar soon to launch his first gastronomical fine-dine venture in Mumbai, India
Celebrity Chef Akshat Parihar soon to launch his first gastronomical fine-dine venture in Mumbai, India

New Delhi : Akshat Parihar is a recognized leader in the field of gastronomy who has brought an innovative and contemporary approach to his work. His love for food has given him the idea to bring together all of his passions under one umbrella as he seeks to conquer the culinary world by offering unique and flavorful recipes that are representative of his tastes.

The celebrity chef is known for bringing a fusion of visually stunning displays using contemporary and classic culinary techniques, which has earned him the reputation as among the most skilled gastronomist of his generation. As a molecular gastronomist, he has also become synonymous with quality and excellence. While he is passionate about preserving traditional cooking methods and rituals, he firmly believes that bringing different cultures together comes as close to promoting peace.

Dabbling in molecular gastronomy and drawing upon his knowledge of international cuisines and ingredients, this celebrated chef strives to create visuals – just like unique art pieces made by selected components coming together to create stunning dishes that attribute his talent for natural devotion to wholesome cooking.

Recently his team declared that soon he will be coming up with his new venture preferably in juhu Mumbai, india. The restaurant will be with a capacity of 300 covers with huge bar having a wide range of specially curated molecular beverages in addition with a Wine On Tap option, the whole team will be from UAE, FRANCE and INDIA. He will be getting one of his top notch team streamlined for this project, the restaurant will be targeting the niche crowd of Mumbai including celebrities, political leaders including the Elite society of city, the price range of the menu will be at the higher segment, as it will be serving heigh end food, drinks and service including 17 course menu as well, the target of the restaurant is to hit for its first Micheline star in 24 months after opening.

Chef Akshat says his goal is to launch a world cuisine concept in this project which will be a combination of 13 cuisines including his own mother land Indian cuisine.

Akshat Parihar is highly skilled in 18 different cuisines and has worked at several well-known companies. However, he wasn't just handed a culinary hat, he did everything the hard way! He brought endless passion and diligence to the art that brought him to where he is today!

Akshat grew up learning the basics of Indian cuisine. He also perfected the techniques used to cook continental and oriental dishes along with other French classics. His intrepid curiosity led him to dabble in patisserie, baking, and 15 additional cuisines where he acquired a thorough understanding of botany and chemistry. Yet despite his knowledge, passion for food, and experienced palate, a renowned chef like Akshat may have found it difficult to disregard tried-and-true flavors of an authentic Indian meal - but he did just that!