Food in Delhi finds the taste of Arunachal Pradesh

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Representational Image
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New Delhi : If you are in Delhi and hang around for special delicacies, then here's a must-visit place. The Arunachal Bhawan in the capital city invites you to taste the hot chicken boil, a healthy portion of bamboo shot with a bowl of rice. 

Arunachal Pradesh in Northeast India is celebrating the Solung Festival in the first week of September. If you want to dig out a bit of their culture and food habit then be sure to taste some Arunachali delicacies at Arunachal Pradesh Bhawan in New Delhi. Here, you will be served with Arunachali thali which includes the rice with meat, fish, green vegetables and herbs. Bamboo shoots, fermented soya-bean, mutton, pork, fish, phoi hom and pickles are quite popular.

For best experience, you can go with the recommendation from the chef Rahul John and order chicken boil with bamboo shoot. You can also relish at the traditional platter includes rice, dal, boiled potato mashed and mixed with raw onion, some boiled vegetables and the quaintly named, chicken boil which has no oil and cooked in chicken stock with very few spices. 

Chef John said that the food in Arunachal is very low on spice and can be prepared with basic ingredients like garlic, salt, tomato and some green chilli unlike other states in the country. “The only ingredient that we source from Arunachal is the fermented bamboo shoot as it isn’t prepared here. The shoots that we bring are first dried in the sun and then we soak them in water overnight or so to use it in the canteen so that the authenticity is maintained”, he added.

The food in Northeast India depicts the simplicity and pristine beauty of its landscape. It's worth to tickle your taste bud, at least once.