The Best Way to Organize Your Refrigerator, basic steps

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Fridge food
Fridge food

Los Angeles : We all have refrigerators at home and have at one point often wondered where to keep different items. In fact you will be surprised to know that you can judge a person’s personality by quickly observing how he/she keep things in their fridge. 

So we provide you a guide to prevent any awkwardness in future and utilise all spaces in your ‘dear fridge’. Take a look:

  • In the bottom shelf always keep raw meat and fish.
  • Please note that this is the coldest part of your fridge, so keeping raw meat and fish will prevent any harm and keep them properly chilled. It also prevent the risk of cross-contamination.
  • Keep all dairy, including milk, cheese, cream and butter in the lower or middle shelves.
  • All vegetables, fruits, herbs and salads must be kept in the drawers as they really are the best place to store items that are less likely to become frozen. 
  • The upper shelves are the second warmest part of the fridge and must be reserved for anything that doesn't need cooking like cooked meats such as salami and leftovers. 
  • Keep all jams, condiments and juices in fridge doors as this is the warmest part of the fridge. Do not keep milk here - it will go off quickly if you do. 

Try these management techniques and stay healthy!