An ode to nature...

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Image: Pixabay
Image: Pixabay

New Delhi : You are a bliss! So pure so sacred !

The peace you impart !

The  retreat you offer!

Tiny dew drops which dazzles !

Falling leaf! Floating clouds high !

In the sky !

Everything is so venerated !

First streak of sun ! 

It's all blush !

The jungles. The gardens 

All green and lush...

I yearn for you..

I sing for you..

O mother nature !you are a bliss ! So pure so sacred !

The sound of cracking snow

Music of whistling wind

Am I on earth?

Or my soul is travelling through !

This white glittering snow

Emerging from heaven,

Imparting peace and joy

Soothing my tortured body and soul

I am lost here ,

Want to be lost forever !

The place I stepped in 

Should be one way through

Mirage disappeared! my association to world too,

This is the land of Shiva

Of Kailasha !

Renaissance of me

I feel so delicate 

Lighter then a leaf !

Carry me o wind! transcend me to another world

Hold my hand 

Lead my way

Take me to that solitude where there is no other way...