An open letter by an Indian tree

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An open letter by an Indian tree
An open letter by an Indian tree

New Delhi : Dear fellow Indians. In the last few days I have seen a lot of you posting about the Amazon's forests. You have prayed and tried to create awareness; even the ones that drive toxic Diesel cars have shown solidarity to the cause. The ones who think one plastic glass won't make a difference have also pitched in along with the ones who think long showers are as cool as the social media portrays them to be. I'm glad that the awareness is reaching all sections of your society.

In my years of coping with co-existence with humans I have realised, that their memories are scarce and their actions based on convenience. Reposting has been the main tool of that convenience recently. So much so that most of them posted about the burning of a structure that was built by the wood of thousands of trees and the head of that country assuring the world that more trees will be cut to rebuild it.

I have also seen a celebration of a fast train which would mean the death of 56000 of my fellow brothers that had survived a hostile environment. That's the harsh truth, we live in environments you can't so that you can have one that you need. I live in a city where an alien parasitic species is taking over the entire city and giving death to many of my brothers. 

Water shouldn't be a problem in the next few years because the glaciers are melting twice as fast as they did 20 years ago. I don't know how long they will last but you know what, I am not outliving them so it doesn't even matter, right?

The irony is that my tool to reach you is the very same that is eating up all the time of most humans. But nonetheless, I'll keep my faith in you to save me and thereby the planet.

Now I don't expect you to use your shower water for your toilet flush but you can help me. There are resources online for every problem that I have stated and just a little time could ensure that I live to write another letter.