Bathroom and towel styling tips for the season

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Bathroom and towel styling tips for the season
Bathroom and towel styling tips for the season

New Delhi : Summer is the season for spending long, lazy days at the beach, the pool, the lake, or anywhere else with a cool, refreshing body of water. The important role of towels in the summer is that they absorb moisture. Without these towels, you would have to wash your clothes frequently. This is because dirt, sweat, and grime would build up very quickly. The summer can be very humid, and your towels will come in handy. Here are a few things you should keep in mind about buying bath towels during this season. 

#1 Super soft cotton towels are in.

The summer season has us all taking extra showers to cool down. Your pre-bed shower, particularly, is one in which you want to wash away the day’s grime and feel super cosy and ready for bed. A plush towel helps immensely with this, so be sure to buy plush and highly absorbent cotton towels for a super soft feel and high comfort. Check the towel GSM – anything over 600 is great since the towel will have heft and be quite plush. The plusher the towel, the more absorbent and softer it feels. Stay away from ribbed weaves if you hate a scratchy experience while wiping your skin. 

#2 Choose the towel as per your active lifestyle and intended purpose. 

Just as bedsheets have thread counts, towels have ‘piles. Because there are fewer fabrics per square inch of the towel, those with a lower pile are generally lighter in weight and able to dry faster. With so many people turning to fitness and exercise since the pandemic began, there is a demand for gym towels as well as quick-drying face and hand towels for around the house. If you're stocking up on hand and face towels for an active household, look for quick-drying towels from reputable brands or those with a lower pile. Fluffy cotton towels typically take longer to dry completely. After each use, make sure to wash the towel. We recommend hygro-cotton bath towels that dry rapidly, as also hand and face towels.

#3 Get towel sets.

Not only are towel sets best for visual symmetry in the bathroom, they often come in a full outfit – bath towels, face towels, and hand towels, all in the same colour and design but with varying sizes. These are great for bathrooms that have a certain colour scheme or that aim for visual uniformity. Stock up on sets for the guest bathroom as well, and have similar or same colours for bathrobes and bath mats, too. Premium bath linen brands in India have towel sets with plush towels for multiple purposes.

#4 Sustainability is a priority.

Displaying care for the environment is no longer a choice; it is a necessity. That is why it is good to shift to brands like SPACES. The brand follows sustainable practices in manufacturing and offers several organic cotton products in its bed and bath linen collections. In addition to buying your towels online from leading responsible brands like SPACES, there is a variety of practices you can adopt to become a more sustainable citizen. You can avoid electricity wastage by always turning off your lights and appliances when not in use. You can reduce water wastage by shutting off faucets while brushing your teeth or lathering soap on your hands. You can also make the switch to natural beauty products, that are cruelty-free and reef-safe. 

#5 Wash your towels before use 

There may be some loose fibers leftover from the manufacturing process. You might buy towels online and find some fluff and loose threads on them. Wash them before the first use to remove the fluff and leftover finishes – this also makes the towel much more absorbent. If you are wary about skin infections or doubt the hygiene standards in the manufacturer’s warehouse prior to shipping, then washing the towels before the first use is recommended.

#6 ‘Calmer bathrooms’ are in.

Take a nice warm bath to relieve yourself from the worries of a stressful day! Spend more time taking longer, soothing showers or simply soaking in the bathtub to melt the stress away. This requires a calming ambience, which you can create with light colours on your walls, floor, and most importantly, your bath linen. If this is the feel you are aiming for, we recommend buying towels online in white, cream, off-white, or jade green colours. Make sure they are 100% cotton towels that are plush, to offer a spa-like experience. Match the towels with bathmats and bathrobes, too.

Looks like you’re all set for towel-shopping this summer! But before you visit the SPACES website to get started, here are some final tips that will help you out. Look for the season’s newest colours and designs when overhauling your bath linen for 2022. You can find the best collections online and shop as per your comfort and preference from leading brands. Be sure to check the towel features (softness, GSM, whether quick drying or not), care and maintenance instructions, exchange/returns policy, and price points before paying online. 

Did the information in this article help you make the right choice for bath linen for the season? Tell us about some great bargains you got in the comments section below.