Can a monkey fly a kite? Check viral video for the answer

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Monkey flying kite
Monkey flying kite

New Delhi : As the lockdown is underway in India and many parts of the world, a flood of videos has come on social media showcasing how animals are enjoying the people getting locked indoors. In one of the recent animal videos shared on the internet, a monkey can be seen flying a kite on a rooftop.

The extraordinary scene has captured social media's attention since the video first emerged online a day ago. In the footage, the monkey is seen pulling the string of a kite as people cheer and laugh at the unusual scene in the background. The video ends as the monkey finally manages to get a hold of the kite.

"Evolution happening fast due to lockdown," quipped Indian Forest Services officer Susanta Nanda on Twitter while sharing the video this afternoon. "Monkey flying a kite. Yes it's a monkey for sure," he added.

The people have been sharing laughs and positive comments after watching monkey doing the act.