Coronavirus Update: Mouth rashes could be the new possible symptom of COVID-19

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Coronavirus Update: Mouth rashes could be the new possible symptom of COVID-19
Coronavirus Update: Mouth rashes could be the new possible symptom of COVID-19

Spain : The world is currently battling a global coronavirus pandemic. This highly contagious virus has turned our lives upside down and created a lot of chaos across the globe. COVID-19 has claimed numerous lives and infected a large number of people across the world. This virus just continues to spread and what's worse is that it might also be effectively mutating. It started off with simple symptoms like cough and fever but slowly the list of symptoms grew. This has made it even more difficult to spot the signs and symptoms of this virus and diagnose it.

Coronavirus symptoms list now includes diarrhoea, nausea, loss of taste and smell, chills and other such symptoms. While everyone is focusing on finding a cure or a vaccine to put an end to this deadly coronavirus and this pandemic. But in the meanwhile, this virus continues to grow and create more trouble for us all.

As per a new study conducted by doctors in Spain, it is believed rashes on the inside of the mouth that are clinically known as enanthem could be a symptom of COVID-19. A large number of coronavirus patients end up with this rash and it is believed that the symptom appears 2 days before the onset of COVID-19 symptoms to up to 24 days after the symptoms. Published in JAMA dermatology on 15 July, this study revealed this information. This also indicates that more research needs to conducted on coronavirus and it's symptoms. 

Now, many people would assume that this rash, enanthem could be due to the medications but that's untrue. Moreover, the fact remains that the oral cavity of the coronavirus patients is usually not tested or checked due to the safety concerns, as this can increase the chances of spreading. This makes it even more difficult to spot this symptom. As per the report published on Republic World, this research led by Dr Juan Jimenez-Cauhe from University Hospital Ramon y Cajal in Madrid examined 21 patients who were diagnosed with COVID-19 infection in April and found that six of these patients had rashes on the inside of their mouth. The age of the patients infected with the rash ranged from 40 to 69 while the study also revealed that four of the six patients with rashes were women.