Dog breeds one can adopt according to their zodiac sign

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Dog breeds one can adopt according to their zodiac sign
Dog breeds one can adopt according to their zodiac sign

New Delhi : It is a known fact that dog is human's best friend as they are loyal, comforting and full of warmth. Dogs as pets are the most loving, caring and compassionate creatures ever.

It is a common myth that we tend to behave in a manner according to our zodiac signs. While each and every breed of dog is lovable, here are some breeds that are believed to gel better with certain zodiac signs. There are certain traits and qualities that need to be kept in mind while choosing a breed. So, here is a list of the kind of breed you should adopt that would easily adapt with you based on your zodiac sign.

Aries - Golden Retriever

Golden retrievers have the determination and enthusiasm of an Aries-born person, and they love a physical challenge.

Taurus - Beagle

These playful dogs are patient and protective with little ones. They are also incredibly loyal just like Taureans.

Gemini - Labrador

These adorable little balls of love are fun, friendly and inquisitive. They too love families just like Geminis.

Cancer - German Shepherd

The German shepherd is a classic example of confidence, intelligence and loyalty required by a Cancerian.

Leo - Pugs

Pugs are playful and a little aloof and arrogant. Their adorable facial expressions make them as difficult to resist as the self-confident Leo.

Virgo - Doberman

The fast and powerful Doberman makes a great mate for a diligent Virgo. They are active and fearless just like Virgos.

Libra - Bulldog

They love to play and be outdoors but also find a lot of comfort in just relaxing and taking it easy. They love going with the flow of life just like Librans.

Scorpio - Dalmatian

Dalmations are active and bold dogs just like Scorpions and are highly loyal and devoted.

Sagittarius - Dachshund

They are fun and outdoorsy just like Sagittarians and are full of love and warmth.

Capricorn - St. Bernard

They will be your best friend and are as hardworking as the people of this zodiac sign.

Aquarius - Poodle

The poodles are as high maintenance as their owners and want all the attention and love of their owner.

Pisces - Chihuahuas

They are loyal dogs that become devoted to their owner. They are intuitive and highly empathetic just like the person of this zodiac sign.