Dog Home Foundation is a place where paralyzed dogs will walk again

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Dog Home Foundation is a place where paralyzed dogs will walk again
Dog Home Foundation is a place where paralyzed dogs will walk again

New Delhi : Dog Home Foundation's mission is to provide a better life and medical treatment to all the street dogs.

It's believed that every creature that can't speak is a gift to humans and must be protected. People sometimes ignore the conditions of the animals and do not care for them; instead, they beat them and be cruel to them; that's where Dog Home Foundation stepped in. Dog Home Foundation is a non-profit organization in Jodhpur dedicated to providing free services to stray, injured, ill, and accidental dogs. Their crew continually rescues dogs in Jodhpur, many of which are victims of cruelty.

After seeing the brutal behavior against animals, Kuldeep and Dhaval opened Dog Home Foundation to spread awareness about street dogs. Dog Home Foundation has now targeted street dogs to provide them with a better life and medical treatment. They launched one central machine, Hydrotherapy, worth Rs 33 lakhs. The machine help paralyzed dogs stand on their feet again and live a good life every day. Dog Home Foundation has shown that humanity still exists. The team works in two shifts, i.e., 11 A.M- 7 P. M and 7 P. M- 3 A. M with a nursing staff of five people in every shift. They have opened air conditioner canals for the facility of these dogs. The foundation runs 24 hours for all the dogs to meet emergency purposes. The foundation has kept all the treatments and tests free of cost. Indeed, they do not accept any cash donations. If someone wants to donate and help them, the crew can provide food and milk in their name on the spot. Dog Home Foundation is going to open ten other hotspots in Jodhpur.

They also organized 20 hoardings for this particular project to spread awareness and keep humanity toward animals. To learn more about them, follow them on Instagram at @doghomefoundation.