Gear up to groove to Navratri Special Melody by Divya Chaudhary and Mitul Chaudhary

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Divya Chaudhary and Mitul Chaudhary
Divya Chaudhary and Mitul Chaudhary

New Delhi : The Covid-19 outbreak has deprived people of Garba celebrations last year. Now that situations have been improving, there is a good news for garba-enthusiasts. When people are all set to groove to garba from 7th October after quite a long, a famous Gujarati folk singer and performer, Divya Chaudhary and her aide-cum-anchor Mitul Chaudhary come up with a whole lot of surprises for the garba-lovers with their exhilarating treasure of non-stop garba melody. True to the unswerving spirits of Navratri and unflinching devotion of Maa Ambe, the team of duo is all the more excited to make people revel in the festivity of garba to their surprises! 

Divya Chaudhari is a folk singer par excellence and MitulChaudhary is a presenter. They have performed a variety of Gujarati songs that have been able to strike a chord with audiences. They are one of the most loved ‘jodi’ provided with the fact that they have successfully delivered some of the best music. Some of their all-time hit composition   Bhagvan Pan Bhulo Padyo, Vara PachiAvse Varo, Kanha Tari Mithi Morli and Rame RameMogal Nav Naurto’among others. 

The musical pair holds a unique image in the world of singing; thanks to their extensive understanding of classical Indian music and local traditional folk melodies. Their songs have been viewed millions of times on YouTube on their channel called, ‘Divya ChaudhariOfficial’. Having earned such a gigantic love from the audience, they usually perform a variety of regional, national, and international live music programs and not to mention at the events such as the Navratri Festival, weddings, and other occasions. What’s more, their fame has attracted many collaborations with well-known singers. 

Talking about their musical performance both, DivyaChaudhary and Mitul Chaudhary said, “People love our melodious musical razzmatazz. Our tuneful harmony with an exciting track record of successful musical shows hashad many swooned over. This year when Navratri is eagerly-awaited, we are too massively euphoric about dishing out excellent performance for our garba-aficionados all around. When people are eagerly awaiting to shake a leg to the tune of garba, we’re definitely going to up the ante on the excitements of garba-lovers.” 

There is no dearth in saying that garba dance, too add value to the spirit of Navratri alongside devotion of MaaAmbe. All people of different age are elated to celebrate Navratri with equal enthusiasm. Now that DivyaChaudhary and Mitul Chaudhari are performing on nine magnificent nights, one can make the most of their Garba celebrations with all the new fervour and fun with the echoing beats of the duo.

Talking about Navratri celebration, they added, “We’rewholeheartedly prepared to raise the spirit of garba-lovers while re-opening the zest of Navratri with a melodious wave of music. When we give our heart and soul to perform our mesmerizing tunes this Navratri, the garba-lovers will be overjoyed to play, dance and be lost in the nine melodious nights of Navratri with us.”