How IndusInd FASTag Facilitates Hassle-Free Travel on Roads?

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How IndusInd FASTag Facilitates Hassle-Free Travel on Roads?
How IndusInd FASTag Facilitates Hassle-Free Travel on Roads?

New Delhi : Wouldn’t it be fantastic if you could cross toll plazas without getting stuck in a long line of cars waiting to pay toll charges? Thanks to IndusInd Bank’s FASTag, this is now possible.

Once you attach this tag to your vehicle, you can pass through toll booths without any wait whatsoever. The toll booth reader scans your FASTag and automatically debits the fee from your linked bank account. Consequently, you enjoy seamless travel on national and state highways. 

Now that the government has made FASTag mandatory on all national highways, there is no reason to not get yours!

How IndusInd FASTag makes travel hassle-free 

IndusInd FASTag facilitates uninterrupted commute via instant toll booth payments. The RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) technology allows toll booth readers to scan the tag and deduct the fee while the vehicle is in motion. 

Since this FASTag is linked to your bank account, you don’t have to fumble for the exact change at the counter. Once the tag is active, the toll amount will be debited from your wallet linked to your bank account, and you can quickly be on your way.

The IndusInd FASTag also sends SMS alerts for toll charges or when your FASTag balance runs low. Once you get an alert, simply get a FASTag recharge online through the IndusInd Bank website. You can do this 24x7 via a debit card, credit card, UPI, BBPS, or net banking. As such, you won’t have to halt at a toll plaza and look for cash because of an insufficient FASTag balance. 

You can also setup an Auto Top-Up, which is when enabled to auto sweep the monies from your linked Current/Savings account whenever your tag reaches a threshold value.

As FASTag reduces waiting periods drastically and ensures non-stop movement, you also save time and fuel charges during your inter-state or daily commute.

Additional features you get with the IndusInd FASTag

IndusInd FASTag’s one-time joining fee and issuance cost are set at a nominal price of Rs. 100 (including GST). 

Depending on your vehicle type, you will have to pay a security deposit ranging from just Rs. 200 to 500.

IndusInd Bank’s FASTag comes with a fixed validity of five years. Once you receive your tag, you can enjoy hassle-free travelling without having to replace it frequently. Moreover, you can still use the same FASTag account for your replaced/new tag. 

The FASTag SMS alerts will also outline the toll plaza you passed and the exact fee deducted from your bank account.

Here’s how you can get your IndusInd FASTag

Simply head over to IndusInd Bank’s website and use its ‘FASTag apply online’ portal. The application process is quick and straightforward. 

Alternatively, locate your nearest IndusInd Bank branch and reach there with the required documents. These include your KYC paperwork (in original and duplicate), vehicle documents (for example, its Registration Certificate), and passport size photographs. 

In conclusion

FASTag has completely transformed how people travel on state and national highways. The endless and lengthy waiting times at toll plazas are quickly becoming a thing of the past. So, if you too want to enjoy a hassle-free commute, why wait? Head over to IndusInd Bank and get your FASTag today!