Is multitasking making you less intelligent? Saurabh Sharma's insight

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New Delhi : “My Brain is experiencing Technical difficulties, Please standby…”

If you are doing a most crucial thing, then why do you try to do anything else at the same time? It is a fantastic question.

Recently a study was conducted to access, whether the multitaskers are the better performer or the individuals concentrating on one task at a time as during Covid every person tried to out-perform multitasks during the day. The sample size of 100 people was taken to abduct the presumptive notion of multitaskers performing far better with quick turnaround, which proven to be a myth as the multitasking is not everyone’s cup of tea. “If the cup is filled more than it's capacity it will spill”. Research shows that, in addition to slowing you down, multitasking lowers your Intelligent Quotient.

I was convinced they had some potential that is secret, but it ends up that giant multitaskers are susceptible for irrelevancy. Though they had convinced the world and themselves that they were great at it, there was just one problem. To understand “Multitaskers were just awful whatsoever.”

Multitasking could be a fantasy

Because nearly everyone takes it as the most handy thing to try to do, it’s a fantasy. It’s become so mainstream that people think it and do as often as possible, therefore it will improve their ability set. We hear about doing it, we even talk about becoming better in it. Over 4 million websites provide answers about how to perform it, and career websites list multitasking. Because a skill for companies to lure and also for prospective hires to list for a strength. Some have gone so far as to be proud of their supposed ability and have embraced it. But it really a “method of fabrication of thoughts” for the fact multitasking is won’t be efficient nor effective. It will drop you any moment.

“To do plenty of things directly; would be to do, to try to do nothing”

When you do and take a look at plenty of things at once, you cannot or won’t have best. If you suspect multitasking is a good way you’ve it backward. It’s an efficient way. As multitasking is merely the anticipation to screw up more than a one thing at a time.

The causticity of multitasking is that it's exhausting as when you're doing two or three things simultaneously, you use more energy than the sum of energy required to do each task independently. You're also cheating yourself because you're not doing anything graciously. You're compromising your virtuosity.

Monkey Mind

The mankind notion of doing multiple thing at a time has been studied in different countries by psychologists over a period of time, but the word "multitasking" did not arrive to any conclusion. In-fact it had been accustomed to describing computers, not individuals. On contrary, they probably made a nasty choice, for the expression "multitasking" is inherently deceptive.

People can really do two or more things at the same time as walk and talk, sipping a cup of tea and reading; however is focus on two things. Our focus bounces to and fro. But it is good for computers, however, it has serious repercussions in humans like two pilots obtained clearance from ATC to land on the same runway or mother is working inside the kitchen and a toddler is left unattended inside the bath tub. Whereas these things contributes to severe tragedies don’t recall something and while attempting to do many things they ought to do. While more research is needed to determine how much multitasking is physically damaging the brain, it’s clear that multitasking has negative effects.

It is peculiar, but somehow the picture of this century human has come to be one of a multitasker. Our mind says I think I can, therefore I think I should. So while doing a dipstick among students we perceive children studying while listening to music whilst composing and texting. Same for adults while speaking on the phone, eating, applying makeups texting into the messages that are vital. It is not that we have short time to perform of the things that we need to do, it’s just an internal excitement that make us feel the necessity to do too many things. We push hard to double and triple up within the hope of getting everything done.

But we are fooling ourselves. Multitasking is a scam. I’m multitasking… I can Listen, ignore and forget at the same time… A Buddhist would call this "monkey mind” we expect we are mastering multitasking nut, but we’re driving ourselves bananas.  

So when you do multitask you aren't just harming your self in that moment; you may very well be damaging in your brain that's critical to your days to come of success at work.

Authors Profile: 

Saurabh Sharma: Enterprising professional with over 18 years of Industry experience in the field of Advertising both at National & International level. Founder of OnPoint Management consulting and President at Goldmine Advertising Ltd. He has an expertise in handling number of election campaigns across different political parties along with several IEC & rural campaigns for state and central government projects funded by World Bank. He is also a writer and a visiting faculty with some management schools for Marketing & Advertising Practices.