My Dream-House - A poem by Tyulip

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My Dream-House - A poem by Tyulip
My Dream-House - A poem by Tyulip

New Delhi : This is my dream-house,

My lovely dream-house,

There will be ice-cream fountains,

And huge candy mountains,

Toffees will hang on trees,

I will pluck and eat these.

Lollipops will grow in the grass,

Windows will be of chocolate, not wood and glass,                            

For the tiles there will be chocolate bars,

And marshmallows will be used for the soft seats of cars,

From the tap of my bathtub melted chocolate will come out,

And in my garden noodles will sprout,

My bed will be made of candy floss,

And I will have a money tree for no money loss.

My books and novels will be of rice paper,

When I would have read them I will eat them later,

Oh! My dream-house,

My lovely dream-house.