New vaccine cures peanut allergy, start snacking fearlessly

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Representational Image
Representational Image

New Delhi : There is good news for those who are prone to peanut allergy. Scientists have introduced a vaccine that can reduce the response of immune system towards peanuts thereby stopping the allergic reaction. Therefore, people who love nuts yet refrain from taking them can now start snacking with no fear for their lives.

Researchers at University of Michigan tried the vaccine on mice and it worked successfully. They found the rodents vaccinated were protected from an allergic reaction.

During the study, mice were given three monthly doses of a nasal spray, the same way as children in receive a flu vaccine.

The experiment, conducted by researchers lead to investigations conducted on humans with peanut allergies.

Patients who are extremely allergic to the nut are advised to carry an EpiPen device that gives them a dose of adrenaline to stop the reaction.

However, the recommended treatment currently revolves around avoiding peanuts, as scientists battle to find an effective way to tackle allergies.

However, the new study, led by Dr Jessica O'Konek, may one day lead to them no longer needing to live in fear of being around peanuts.

According to Dr O’Konek, by re-directing the immune responses, the vaccine not only suppresses the response but prevents activation of cells that would initiate allergic reactions.