Saint Vasanta Vijay Maharaj shows a divine spectacle of the power of the mantras of Sanatan Dharma at Shiv Darbar

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Saint Vasanta Vijay Maharaj shows a divine spectacle of the power of the mantras of Sanatan Dharma at Shiv Darbar
Saint Vasanta Vijay Maharaj shows a divine spectacle of the power of the mantras of Sanatan Dharma at Shiv Darbar

New Delhi : In the presence of nationally acclaimed saint, Param Puja Gurudev Shri Vasanta Vijay Ji Maharaj, the leader of the Shri Krishnagiri Shree Parshwa Padmavathi Shaktipeet Tirth Dham, the 55-day Shiv Mahapuran, Yagna, and Akhand Rudrabhishek Mahotsav entered the sixth day. During the Shiv Katha and Yagna held at Chhatarpur Markandeya Hall on Wednesday, the divine spectacle of the power of ancient mantras was witnessed. In the Shiv Darbar of National Saint Vasanta Vijay Maharaj, a shower of miracles occurred. The sight of miracles was such that beyond the scope of the event tent, vermilion showered in different places, and lamps were spontaneously lit, illuminating not only the vicinity but also reaching places within the country and abroad. Numerous devotees had direct visions of their cherished deities and family deities. Some were graced with the vision of Lord Shiva, while others were blessed with the divine presence of Lord Krishna. Additionally, Goddess Lakshmi's blessings were also bestowed upon the devotees.

The narration (katha) today in the Shiv Darbar began with the national anthem. On the occasion of Independence Day, Sant Vasanta Vijay Ji Maharaj extended his best wishes to the citizens of the country. Gurudev, amidst a massive gathering of devotees that filled the Shiv Darbar in the thousands, provided an unbreakable "Akāṭya Mantra Kavach" on the occasion of the new moon (Amavasya). Gurudev mentioned that this particular mantra kavach is given on the day of Amavasya because now this kavach will work with tremendous power. He emphasized that by respecting and serving one's parents, one can attain happiness, peace, and prosperity in life. This is because if the Sun (representing the father) is afflicted in your birth chart, it signifies disrespect towards the father, and if the Moon (representing the mother) is afflicted, it signifies disrespect towards the mother. Those who disrespect their parents face various troubles in life.

Sant Vasanta Vijay Ji Maharaj issued a challenge from the pulpit of the katha, asserting the immense power of the mantras of Sanatan Dharma. He declared that even empty mantras, when recited with sincerity, can instantly alleviate troubles and adversities such as long-standing illnesses, spirit disturbances, magical spells, and various afflictions. He claimed that within just two minutes, he could relieve individuals from years of headaches, stomachaches, and back pain.

In Chhatarpur Markandeya Hall, the organized Shiv Katha and Yagna are witnessing an increasing number of devotees every day. Over these five days, Gurudev has cured thousands of devotees from ailments like back pain, knee pain, headaches, and various other illnesses, restoring their health. This grand festival, which began on August 11th, will continue until October 5th, 2023. All the programs of this festival are completely free of charge.

In the 55-day grand festival, a construction of 1 crore 11 lakh clay Shiva lingas (representations of Lord Shiva) is set to take place. Over the span of five days, thousands of devotees have been making and worshiping lakhs of Shiva lingas. Notably, these devotees personally craft the Shiva lingas and then engage in their worship, aligning their lives with devotion to Lord Shiva. Remarkably, no money is being taken from those who create the clay Shiva lingas. An unbroken consecration ceremony is ongoing for a siddh (energized) and divinely charged Shiva linga, using 10 crore mantras. From morning till evening, there's a continuous stream of devotees for the darshan (sighting) and abhishek (offering of liquids) of the divine Shiva linga. Twenty-five learned scholars and pundits have come from Kashi (Varanasi), engaged in reciting the Rudra Ashtadhyayi (a chapter from the Yajurveda dedicated to Lord Shiva) 24 hours a day.

In the 55-day grand festival, arrangements for community feasts (bhandara) are also being organized. Every day, thousands of people are partaking in these feasts to receive prasad (blessed food). It's worth mentioning that wherever Gurudev Maharaj holds satsang programs, whether it's the Devi Bhagavatam, Bhairav Mahapuran, or Shiv Mahapuran discourse, bhandara arrangements are made. In these events, every day, numerous individuals partake in the prasad feast.

In the ongoing grand Yagna within the katha pandal, Sant Shri Vasanta Vijay Ji Maharaj himself is conducting the havan (fire ritual) daily, accompanied by thousands of divine mantras. In this havan, thousands of kilograms of dried fruits, ghee, honey, and sacred herbs are offered with the recitation of mantras. It's important to note that in Sanatan Dharma (Hinduism), havan is not only spiritually significant but also holds scientific benefits. During the Yagna, the chanting of mantras generates vibrations that create a resonance. This produces a positive energy that purifies the chakras (energy centers) in your body. Yagnas are believed to provide mental peace and tranquility, along with various other spiritual and holistic advantages.