Snakebite treatment, quick and easy tips

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Snake Bite: Get the Facts About Symptoms and Treatment
Snake Bite: Get the Facts About Symptoms and Treatment

New Delhi : Every year thousands of people across the globe die due to snake bite. The areas close to thick forest and jungles are prone to such problems. According to WHO, 83,000 people are victims of snake bite in a year, of which around 11, 000 sufferers die. The main reason behind the death is the unavailability of immediate first aid. However, if a victim gets the snake bite treatment immediately, then he/she can be saved. 

It is known to all that snakes are dangerous, but their spikes are only wounds. Many times victims die due to fear and panic. To help people know about the first aid on snake bite, we have mentioned some useful information below:

Do not get panic on snake bites. The first action to perform is to bring out the poison, which would otherwise spread in the blood. The patient should be brought to a nearest health center as soon as possible.

Never tie the stomach to stop the blood transfusion, or use mouth to remove the poison. This acts are dangerous which may cause death. Actually, they have a risk of damage to the veins and blood vessels and the risk of infection. Poisoning is very less when pulled from the mouth. By pressing the pressure bandage, the arteries can rupture and severe damage to the patient.

Steps for Snakebite Treatment

  • Take away the person who suffered from snake bite and help him to overcome the nervousness.
  • If the victim has put on ornament on a snake bite, then take it off.
  • If the patient is worn shoes then wear off. Unload clothes if they are tight.
  • Bind the bandage on the 5 wounds. Use tree bark, piece of paper, sleeping bag or backpack frame for strip.
  • Do not tamper with the wounds. After tying the bandage, take them to the nearest health center.
  • Do not let the patient walk, because muscle rubbing can spread the poison faster.
  • Never ever give aspirin or painkiller medicine to your patient. Do as per doctor’s suggestion.

The above mentioned steps will be helpful to save life of people who suffer from snake bite. Treatment is necessary before trying any assumed techniques. It is advisable to spread the information to spread awareness about the snake bite treatment and possible steps to take thereafter.