Top five techniques to make your home monsoon ready

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Top five techniques to make your home monsoon ready (Image: Pixabay)
Top five techniques to make your home monsoon ready (Image: Pixabay)

New Delhi : Relishing the season of rains can be fascinating until it comes to protecting your home from leaks and cracks. If the walls of your home weren’t made using the materials that protect them against water damage then the monsoon season can be troublesome for you. Water leaks can cause damage to your expensive wall paint. If you do not fix the problem all at once then you might incur repetitive expenses due to the continuing damages. If you want to make your home monsoon ready, luckily you have landed in the right place. Here are a few techniques that can prepare your home for the monsoons.  

1. Keep your wooden furniture protected- Currently, the furniture of any space is according to many preferences like wall color combination, space availability, design, etc. However, we often miss out on maintaining the furniture which makes it look old. During monsoons, the chances of your furniture damage are maximum therefore it is necessary to keep them away from wet places and wet clothes. Along with that ensure to coat them with varnish so that they look fresh and dry them often using a vacuum cleaner or dry cloth piece.  

2. Use waterproofing products- Instead of struggling with the damage later, why not create the walls in such a way that they are already capable of fighting water. The best way to make your home monsoon ready is by waterproofing it. Hire a technique to look for the damages and fix them using waterproofing products. Protecting the exterior walls and roofs is vital as these are the exposed areas and generally in houses with flat roofs, the rainwater seeps in through the terrace and damages the ceiling and eventually other walls. You can apply multiple coats of elastomeric on the roof to protect your home from heavy rains.  

3. Ensure that electrical wirings are in good condition- Electrical malfunctioning is the cause of many mishaps during monsoons. It is crucial to ensure that all your faulty electrical wirings and appliances are fixed before they cause any harm. To ensure that your home is electric shock proof, you need to have proper earthing at your home. It is highly recommended to hire a technician to take care of the electrical damages. Added to that you must look to it that you have the right equipment installed in your house like surge protectors, trip switches, ground fault circuit interrupters, arc fault circuit breakers, etc. 

4. Have a functional drainage system- Check if there are any blockages in your drainage pipes. This ensures that there is no waterlogging at your home as stagnant rainwater can lead to other problems at your home like excessive mosquitos. Before the monsoon approaches make sure to get your pipelines checked by a plumber and de-clog any blockages in the pipelines so that extra water timely drains out from your home. This maintains good hygiene at home. 

5. Use the right paints for your walls- The paint that you cover your walls with also plays an important role in protecting the walls against water. You must ensure that the paints you use are either silicone or polymer-based. Silicon-based paint protects the wall from moisture damage and prevents the formation of fungi or algae on the wall. Using polymer-based paint prevents any build-up of dust on the wall thereby ensuring its newness. 

There are many other techniques like having highly absorbent door mats, maintaining hygiene by cleaning carpets and rugs, etc. that should be considered to live a tension-free life during monsoon. With these checkpoints, you are all prepared to face the heavy rains head-on. It is extra important to make your home monsoon ready as ensuring this will enable you to carry on your lifestyle without any unnecessary hindrance.