Truth behind viral crying girl-grandmother picture

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Truth behind viral crying girl-grandmother picture
Truth behind viral crying girl-grandmother picture

New Delhi : A viral picture of school girl with her grandmother at an old age home is making people emotional across the nation. It is being said that a school organised an old age tour where a school girl recognised her grandmother and broke into tears.

It has also been tagged that the parents had cooked up a story and told the girl that her grandmother has gone to a relative's home.

With raging questions over where the Indian society is going, the picture went viral within two days of it landing on social media. Let's find out the reality behind the viral image.

Revealing the truth is none other than the photographer who clicked this picture. 

BBC's photo journalist Kalpit Bhachech reveals that he had clicked this picture way back in 2007.

On September 12, 2007, Mr Bhachech received a phone call from Maninagar's GNC school. Rita Pandya (the principal) asked him if he could cover an event where they are taking school kids to old age home. (Also Read: PM Modi laughing with AIIMS doctors hours before Shri Atal Bihari Vajpayee's death)

He agreed and went there. During the meeting, he asked old people to stand with kids for a good picture. Soon a girl ran towards an old woman, they both started crying; he clicked the picture.

Later, on querying their relation, the old lady said she is her granddaughter. The lady also confirmed that she moved to old age home on her own wish.