Unleashing his creative skills in 3D art is Kaiwan Shaban

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Unleashing his creative skills in 3D art is Kaiwan Shaban
Unleashing his creative skills in 3D art is Kaiwan Shaban

New Delhi : Once a renowned photographer and filmmaker, he has excelled in this new line of work at present.

There are many creative individuals who have shown their prowess by showcasing their exceptional skills in areas they hold expertise in. Almost all industries have experienced the contribution of such talents, who have taken giant strides in taking their respective sectors to the next level. Kaiwan Shaban is one such person who has instilled his creative juices and come up with some extraordinary work in the field of photography, filmmaking and now 3D art.

This 22-year-old powerhouse of talent was born and raised in the city of Akre in the Kurdistan region. His passion for visual arts, photography and filmmaking took him to the next level where he gained tremendous recognition owing to his extraordinary work in these spheres. His initial days were spent around the photography space as at 13, he realized his passion of being behind the camera, capturing breathtaking images, especially the beauty of the landscapes that occupied a major part of Northern Iraq. He says as a teenager, all he wanted was to get hold of professional photography equipments and started diligently working to get hold of one.

In 2015, he started his journey as a YouTuber, publishing photography tutorials about photoshop and Lightroom which garnered good response. Thereafter, he launched his official business online named K1 Production, which went on to become one of the biggest crowd pullers on social media numbering over 200k subscribers and over 10 million views, making him one of the few creative talents to have such humongous reach in his region. However, after the pandemic hit, this expert artist turned back to his roots and started dwelling into the subject of 3D art, creating some of the most spectacular work ever seen in history.

Today, his creations represent a unique amalgamation of digital art and cinematography that conveys the best of both worlds, which has garnered an impressive following.

To know more about his work, follow him on www.instagram.com/itskaiwan.