Video: Emirates transports lone passenger on Mumbai-Dubai flight

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Bhavesh Javeri (Image: Screengrabs from video shared by Bhavesh Javeri on Facebook)
Bhavesh Javeri (Image: Screengrabs from video shared by Bhavesh Javeri on Facebook)

Mumbai : Emirates recently operated its Mumbai-Dubai flight for just one passenger; everyone from the crew, including pilot, were amazed by the unusual occurrence. The Boeing 777-300 is designed to carry 360 passengers at a time, but other travellers either postponed or cancelled their flight due to second wave of coronavirus.

The lone passenger on flight Ek501 - Dubai-resident Bhavesh Javeri – said he felt that he has chartered the plane for his three-hour long journey.

He posted a video on social media and shared his experience of being the lone passenger on the Boeing. He first identified himself to the camera and said, "I'm normally not the person who takes videos but today I felt special because I think I'm the only passenger on Emirates flight to Dubai from Bombay (sic)."

He also showed in the video and empty airport with only security personnel and staff members. An airline staffer escorted him to the flight and asked him to have a 'safe flight'. The crew waited for their only passenger and the moment he reached the entrance, they welcomed him aboard with a big round of applause.

In the video, pilot comes to him and tells him that he normally makes a big public announcement but since Javeri is the only passenger, he would do it himself.

“Thank you so much. I'm honoured to be the only one. I'm so happy and excited to be on this flight,” Mr Javeri told the pilot, who offered to give him a tour of the entire plane. “Just for you,” the pilot added.

They later shook each other’s hands on a funny note that there are sanitizers available on the plane.

The video has gone viral on the social media.