Viral video of a cat eating ice cream sparks a debate on Twitter

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Viral video of a cat eating ice cream sparks a debate on Twitter
Viral video of a cat eating ice cream sparks a debate on Twitter

New Delhi : Pet parents love recording their pets. Every pet parent has a large number of pictures and videos of their furry babies on their phones as well as on their social media accounts. In one such case, a video of a cat went viral across all social media channels and got a mixed reaction from the netizens.

In the video that went viral, a fluffy white cat tries to taste ice cream and has an absolutely funny reaction. The owner offers the cat a small spoonful of ice cream. The cat stares at the ice cream and looks sceptical but then finally decides to taste the treat. The moment the cat tastes the treat, her eyes widen and her mouth opens up. She shakes her head from side to side in a dramatic manner as it not being able to believe what she just tasted. She looks horrified and then dramatically sinks or rather falls back into the chair.

This video isn't new and emerged online a while ago and has received a mixed reaction. While many people took it as a good joke and laughed about it while others felt offended that the owner intentionally gave the cat a brain-freeze just to get some likes and views. This video was loved by many and also received severe backlash as well. Any viewers hated it and called it an act of animal cruelty. This video received a large number of views and went viral quickly. It received over 2 million views.

Many people felt bad for the cat and claimed that this is animal abuse and that the cat is clearly troubled by the ice cream treat and many laughed at it and believed it to be a very typical cat moment. Every cat owner knows that cats are known to be notorious and will do just about anything to just get a taste of something and they also tend to act dramatic about it. Vets have claimed that this isn't healthy for the cat but there are other vets who claim that not enough research has been done about this.