Viral Video: YouTuber blasts Coca Cola tank to create fountain

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Screengrab from the video
Screengrab from the video

New Delhi : A Russian YouTuber used 10,000 liters of Coca Cola beverage to create a humongous fountain and capture it on camera. More than 8 million people have already watched the video on his YouTube channel.

During our childhood we used to get excited by seeing how soft drinks used to pop out of bottle by simply putting a mentos and mints into the beverage. The YouTuber has taken the game to a next level.

There are many YouTubers who have used different amount of Coca Cola and mints to create the explosions for pleasure, but this is the biggest experiment we have seen till date.

Russian Youtube Maxim Monakhov, aka Maxim, spent nearly 7 lakh rupees (700,000 Rubles) to find out what happens when one mixes 10,000 litres of CocaCola with Baking Soda. In the video, he says that he had been saving up for this experiment for four years and it is absolutely worthwhile to watch.

In the 20 minute video, Maxim and his team put together a huge amount of Coke and fill it in a pressured tank. Then they add the Baking Soda to a separate tank and dump the entire tank into the pressurised cola tank by using a crane. What happens next widely exceeded expectations as a massive vertical volcano of cola erupted from the tank. See the video here:

The video has gone viral on the social media. Share your thoughts on it in the comment section below.